Welcome to Sizzing

  • We are Experienced

    The home base for 100,000+ websites for more than 14 years!

  • Mission & Vision

    Always fast, safe and reliable web hosting. The focus on what does not change: simplicity, quality and service! Investing in our loyal customers, that makes us happy. Everyone deserves an independent and autonomous place on the internet. Whether this is a blog about your world vision or the entire infrastructure of your company; the control belongs to you. At Sizzing.com we make advanced solutions easy and clear. This allows you as a novice techie to learn a lot and release more quickly with more advanced set-ups. As a diehard techie you can do what you want to do by building our smart solutions: build your own things!

  • Make

    As real techies we also build all our systems ourselves. This allows us to directly influence the reliability of our products, we can continue to develop at lightning speed and we are as dependent as possible on third parties. Innovating ourselves is great, but of course we prefer to see the ingenious solutions that you build on our infrastructure.

  • Advanced

    Doing a manual task twice, we find sin of our time. You can discover this time much better in discovering new things. That is why we automate everything we can automate. This means we are always working on something new, such upgrades of the control panel or the launch of a totally new product